Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I purchase VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems?

A. Contact a VERSA-LOK producer for a list of local dealers or retailers. To locate a producer near you, go to the "Where to Buy" section on this website.

Q. What colors are available?

A. VERSA-LOK colors vary by region. Please contact your local dealer for the colors available in your area.

Q. How are VERSA-LOK units connected?

A. The weight of the units creates a frictional connection between courses, and VERSA-TUFF non-corrosive pins create a mechanical connection between courses. Two pins are used per unit — inserted through the front holes in the upper course units and down into the rear slots of the lower course units.

Q. Should I use mortar between units?

A. No. All VERSA-LOK walls are mortarless! Units are dry stacked and aligned using VERSA-TUFF pins. Mortarless construction allows walls to remain flexible and accommodate minor earth movement (such as that caused by freeze/thaw cycles) without damage.

Q. Do VERSA-LOK walls require concrete footings below frost?

A. No. VERSA-LOK walls are installed on shallow, non-rigid leveling pads consisting of well-compacted gravel, crushed stone or coarse sand — even in northern climates that experience freeze/thaw cycles. The flexible nature of the walls allows them to accommodate minor earth movement without damage.

Q. Can I install VERSA-LOK walls myself?

A. Yes. Many do-it-yourselfers discover that solid, pinned VERSA-LOK systems are quite easy to install.

Q. Where can I find a professional VERSA-LOK installer?

A. Your local dealer should have a list of VERSA-LOK installation experts. To locate a dealer near you, go to the "Where to Buy" section of this website.

Q. How tall can VERSA-LOK walls be built?

A. In most situations, VERSA-LOK walls can be built three to four feet tall without engineering or soil reinforcement and can be built to any required height with proper engineering and soil reinforcement. Factors such as wall height and soil loads should be carefully considered before determining how you construct your wall. Consult your local dealer if you have questions.

Q. Do I need to order special corner pieces for VERSA-LOK walls?

A. No. With our solid units, corners, curves and steps can be built using one unit — a major advantage to working with VERSA-LOK systems. Units can be modified easily with a hammer and masonry chisel or a mechanical splitter.

Q. How do I finish the top of the wall?

A. Finish off your wall by placing VERSA-LOK cap units down securely with VERSA-LOK Concrete Adhesive. Front faces of caps may be placed flush, set back or slightly overhanging (recommended) the face of the wall.