Solid Solutions Estimating Software

We’ve made it easier than ever to estimate and sell VERSA-LOK retaining walls, columns and stairs with the introduction of our powerful new Solid Solutions Estimating Software. This software runs on the Windows operating system.

This easy-to-use software takes the tedium—and the mistakes—out of estimating materials for VERSA-LOK projects. Solid Solutions is a huge time-saver for contractors, architects/engineers and dealers alike.

Solid Solutions Estimating Software automatically calculates the number of VERSA-LOK units and pins needed for a project and quantities of geogrid and aggregate. Just select a feature in your project—retaining wall, freestanding wall, stairs, columns—choose the VERSA-LOK unit for each feature, enter the dimensions of each feature and the site conditions (soils and grade), and the software does the rest. (Note: Solid Solutions is not retaining-wall design software.)

For retaining walls up to 15 feet high, the software produces preliminary cross sections, including geogrid. Different soils, loading, slopes and unit types can be input to quickly view resulting changes in geogrid amounts. For projects with multiple features, the software automatically totals the material quantities for all the features.

The software not only estimates materials, but also lets you print out a professional package for clients that includes sample details, project photos, and an order form you can take straight to your dealer. And a handy feature allows you to store current projects and retrieve past projects.

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