Contractor Training Materials

VERSA-LOK® Retaining Wall Systems is your one-stop resource for retaining wall installation information. Our retaining wall installation training tools are ideally suited for landscape designers, landscape foremen, installation crews and specifiers. We offer in-person training, online courses, and printed manuals.

Training Seminars

Every year we conduct retaining wall installation seminars nationwide. Contractors are invited to learn installation techniques, engineering fundamentals, feature design and tips for accurate estimating from authorized VERSA-LOK technical experts. At the conclusion of some seminars, attendees will be invited to take the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) certification exam.

Online Retaining Wall Installation Videos

The videos we have posted on YouTube provide an introduction to proper retaining wall installation. These videos are available in English and Spanish.

VERSA-TECH Online Academy

The VERSA-TECH Online Academy is a self-paced course on the VERSA-LOK web site that provides a detailed overview of segmental retaining walls, site planning, and installation steps.

Retaining Wall Estimating Software

To estimate materials for complex projects, or to get more detailed estimates, use VERSA-LOK’s Solid Solutions Estimating Software. This easy-to-use application is available to qualified contractors, architects, engineers and specifiers from licensed VERSA-LOK manufacturers. The software automatically calculates the number of units and pins, and quantities of geogrid and aggregate, needed for any size project.

Important: Walls that support heavy loads or exceed four feet in height require special soil reinforcement and often professionally engineered designs. Please consult a qualified engineer if unsure about any construction, site or soil conditions. Also be sure to check local building codes before designing or constructing a retaining wall.