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VERSA-LOK retaining walls have been specified on thousands of commercial, public works and residential jobs across North America.

State transportation departments and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers routinely use VERSA-LOK systems for many of their projects. The Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC) has published evaluations of the VERSA-LOK retaining wall system.

Find your nearest supplier of VERSA-LOK retaining wall blocks HERE.

Hardscape Design Flexibility
Solid VERSA-LOK retaining wall units open a world of design possibilities to architects and landscape architects. Because the units can be modified easily onsite, VERSA-LOK walls will conform to almost any layout, including curves and corners and a seemingly endless array of special features, including steps, freestanding walls, parapets, columns, seat walls, window wells, planters, bump-outs in walls, detention ponds, or stream and lake shore walls.

Environmentally Friendly

VERSA-LOK concrete units do not create any environmental hazards like some chemically-treated products. VERSA-LOK units are made locally and are shipped only short distances. Concrete is a sustainable material preferred by architects, designers, engineers and other design professionals.

Aesthetic Face Options

VERSA-LOK solid units give you a choice of face textures: traditional split-face or the more natural looking Weathered look. VERSA-LOK units have varying heights and widths and so can create wall faces with different scales and setback options. Also, various units can be combined to create a more random, natural stone look, or to include special accents, such as stripes or insets, in wall faces.

Varied Color Options
Many color options, from solid to blended mixes, are available; check with your local producer as colors vary regionally. Colors are integral throughout the units, so modified surfaces will display color consistent with the rest of the unit. This ensures that the color of a special feature will be consistent throughout.