Accessories Products

The VERSA-Lifter makes it easier to lift and place units, especially on the base course. The two prongs on the lifter are placed into the holes in the VERSA-LOK unit. The action of lifting the handle secures the lifter to the unit and makes for easy, balanced lifting and placement. VERSA-Lifter are available from your local supplier.

VERSA-LOK Fabric is ideal for soil reinforcement of shorter walls. This geotextile is both cost-effective and easy to install. It is available in convenient, ready-to-use roll sizes.

Building a wall that needs geogrid to reinforce the soil and stabilize your wall?

Engineered for durability and long life, VERSA-Grid® geogrid is a high-performance soil reinforcement composed of high-molecular-weight, woven polyester yarns with a polymeric coating. Properly designed VERSA-LOK walls with VERSA-Grid soil reinforcement can be constructed to heights of 50 feet or more.

A single-component, non-sag elastomer, VERSA-LOK Concrete Adhesive is designed for use in non-traffic bearing joints, including those where structural movement or stress is expected. Each VERSA-LOK Concrete Adhesive cartridge contains enough adhesive to cap approximately 14 lineal feet of wall.

VERSA-LOK’s original, solid pinning system provides a mechanical interlock between retaining wall units and a mechanical connection to geogrid soil reinforcement.all Systems.