The VERSA-Green® plantable wall system combines the durability and strength of a VERSA-LOK segmental retaining wall with the lush beauty of a hanging garden. Inside each unit is a 6"-deep plantable core for planting and a groove in the top to accommodate irrigation tubing. The result is a functional wall that becomes a living part of your landscape.


VERSA-Green unit
Width (face)
18" (457.2mm)
Width (rear)
14" (355.6mm)
7.625" (193.7mm)
12" (304.8mm)
Face Area
0.91 ft2 (0.085m2)
70 lbs (31.75kg)
Weight / Face Area
77 lbs/ft2 (374 kg/m2)
0.52 ft3 (0.015 m3)
2.2" per unit
16.4 degrees
Minimum Radius
10 ft
Max Unreinforced Height
3.5 ft*
Max Geogrid Reinforced Height
50+ ft

*The maximum stable, unreinforced VERSA-LOK wall height in best conditions, may be lower depending on soil, site and loading conditions (including terraces). Taller walls need geogrid soil reinforcement, designed by a qualified engineer. Check your local building code requirements. Please contact your supplier or VERSA-LOK representative for assistance.

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VERSA-Green Product Brochure

This brochure presents an overview of the VERSA-Green plantable retaining wall system, including basic installation steps.

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(123) 456-7890