VERSA-LOK Makes Beautiful Columns Easy!

When you think retaining wall systems, don't forget about the many beautiful features, such as columns, that you can create with VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems. Create decorative columns, pilasters within a wall design, or facing for support columns.

Columns also can be integrated into a freestanding wall or as corners in a wall.Columns can be configured in 4-inch increments, and from 20-inch to 36-inch+ squares without specialty saw-cutting.

Columns less than 4 feet tall can be stacked without mortar, do not require footings below the frost line, and are built with one course of units below grade. Columns taller than 4 feet often require structural footings below the frost line tied to concrete and steel reinforcement within the column, and should be designed by a qualified professional engineer.

Natural stone, precast concrete or VERSA-LOK Caps provide the perfect finish. Caps are secured with high-strength, flexible VERSA-LOK Concrete Adhesive.

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A converted warehouse on a National Scenic Riverway required on-site parking and to control stormwater runoff. VERSA-LOK retaining walls and rain gardens provided the solution.

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VERSA-LOK Makes Beautiful Columns Easy!

When you think VERSA-LOK retaining walls, don't forget about the columns! Integrate columns into freestanding walls or as corners or pilasters within a wall design or facing for support columns.