Have a Seat. On Us.

Create Attractive and Durable Bleacher Seating

Design beautiful, practical and affordable outdoor seating with VERSA-LOK  retaining wall units.

The natural appearance and durability that VERSA-LOK retaining wall units bring to outdoor spaces make them the ideal construction material for everything from amphitheaters to zoos.  Unlike cast-in-place retaining walls, which require deep footings, VERSA-LOK walls require no footings below frost, substantially reducing project costs.

Solid VERSA-LOK wall units absorb heat during the day without becoming uncomfortably hot, unlike aluminum bleachers. And they slowly radiate the heat to provide comfortable seating on chilly fall evenings.

Stairs made of VERSA-LOK units can be integrated easily into amphitheater seating to maintain a consistent appearance throughout the landscaped area.