Licensees and Dealers

Welcome to our Licensees & Dealers section. Here you will find logos, digital photographs and PDF literature to assist with your sales efforts.


Please use these current logos when advertising VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems. Two formats are available to download – JPG and EPS. The JPG format is accepted by most presentation programs. However, the EPS version is more versatile and may be enlarged without quality loss. The EPS format is especially preferred for signs and vehicle graphics. When printing logos using custom colors, please use equivalents to Pantone 185 Red, Pantone 299 Blue and Pantone 354 Green.

Versa-Lok logo (4 color)

Versa-Lok Logo - 1 color

Digital Photos

Images of all major VERSA-LOK products are included – Standard, Weathered™ Standard, Mosaic®, Weathered™ Mosaic®, Accent®, Weathered™ Accent®, Cobble®, Weathered™ Cobble®, Square Foot™, and Brute®. They are organized into two general categories – residential and commercial.

Contractor Yellow Pages Cooperative Advertising Program

Landscape contractors who include a current VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems logo in their ads can get CASH BACK. Download details in PDF format here. Yellow Pages Co-op Advertising Program

VERSA-LOK Dealer Displays

Examples of Dealer Displays from around the country

PDF Literature

Download current versions of VERSA-LOK promotional and technical documents here. Printed versions also may be obtained by calling (800) 770-4525.

Promotional Materials
VGN-200 VERSA-Green Brochure (4-color)
VLS-203 VERSA-LOK Retail Brochure-Standard, Non-weathered (4-color)  
VLS-205 VERSA-LOK Retail Brochure (4-color)  
VLS-207 VERSA-LOK Contractor Brochure (4-color)  
VLS-209 VERSA-LOK Capabilities Brochure (4-color)
VLS-215 Commercial and Public Agency Showcase (4-color)  
VLS-333 Project Profile: Weathered Mosaic Tall Wall, Wilton, ME  
VLS-334 Project Profile: Tiers, Schenley Gardens, Pittsburgh, PA  
VLS-335 Project Profile: Weathered Standard, Mill Ruins Park, Minneapolis, MN 
VLS-336 Project Profile: Columns, Skyline Medical Center, Nashville, TN 
VLS-337 Project Profile: Lebanon Valley College Ballpark, Annville, PA 
VLS-338 Project Profile: Townhome Development, Atlanta, GA 
VLS-339 Project Profile: Flood Control, Soldiers Grove Golf Course, Rochester, MN 
VLS-340 Project Profile: Flood Control, Senior-living campus, Oak Park Heights, MN
VLS-402 VERSA-LOK "Tall Walls" Application Bulletin (4-color)  
VLS-404 VERSA-LOK "Shorelines" Application Bulletin (4-color)  
VLS-406 VERSA-LOK "Recreation Areas" Application Bulletin (4-color)  
VSQ-102 VERSA-LOK Square Foot Brochure (4-color)  
VLC-211 VERSA-LOK Bronco II Information Sheet (4-color)  
VLB-204 VERSA-LOK Brute Information Sheet (4-color)  
VLU-102 VERSA-LOK Ultra Information Sheet (4-color)  
VLN-101 VERSA-LOK Nexus Information Sheet (4-color)  
VLH-101 VERSA-LOK Harmony Information Sheet (4-color)  
VLG-102 VERSA-Grid Information Sheet (4-color)
VLG-202 VERSA-Grid 1.5 Brochure


Technical Materials

VLS-602 VERSA-LOK Standard Design and Installation Guidelines
VLS-604 VERSA-LOK Standard Design and Installation Guidelines - Spanish Version
VLM-602 VERSA-LOK Mosaic Design and Installation Guidelines
VSQ-602 VERSA-LOK Square Foot Design and Installation Guidelines
VLB-602 BRUTE Design and Installation Guidelines
VLM-604 VERSA-LOK Mosaic Field Guide
VLS-501 Technical Bulletin #1 (Shoreline, Waterway and Retention Pond Protection)
VLS-502 Technical Bulletin #2 (Stairs)
VLS-503 Technical Bulletin #3 (Curves and Corners)
VLS-504 Technical Bulletin #4 (Caps)
VLS-505 Technical Bulletin #5 (Base Installation)
VLS-506 Technical Bulletin #6 (Freestanding Walls, Columns and Vertical Walls)
VLS-507 Technical Bulletin #7 (Tiered Walls)
VLS-508 Technical Bulletin #8 (Fences, Railings and Traffic Barriers)