Learn proper retaining wall installation at a VERSA-LOK contractor seminar. Early each year we conduct retaining wall installation seminars nationwide. Contractors are invited to learn installation techniques, engineering fundamentals, feature design and tips for accurate estimating from authorized VERSA-LOK technical experts. At the conclusion of some seminars, attendees will be invited to take the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) certification exam.

To register, call the contact person listed below. Or, register online for select seminars. If no seminars are listed in your area, check with your licensed regional manufacturer for upcoming seminars or ask to have your name added to their mailing list.

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Date Location Manufacturer / Dealer Contact Name Contact Number NCMA Register Online
03/07/2018 West Saint Paul Armory
West St. Paul, MN
Barb Macdonald (651) 770-3166
Number of Attendees