Specialty Commercial Products

In addition to our line of traditional segmental retaining wall systems for residential and commercial applications, VERSA-LOK also produces Brute and Bronco, two products specially designed for select large-scale commercial or agency projects. Brute and Bronco are manufactured to the same industry-exceeding standards as our other products.

The massive size of VERSA-LOK Brute—240 pounds and 1-1/3 square feet face area—makes it the ideal solid solution for unreinforced walls to 8 feet; limited-access sites; sites where extensive excavation isn’t possible or practical; vertical retaining walls; walls subject to impact; or shoreline applications. Brute is installed mechanically in pairs using a special clamp attached to a backhoe or other lifting device and employs VERSA-LOK’s top-pinning design for quick unit alignment and construction versatility. Brute is only offered in certain regions—contact your local VERSA-LOK dealer for availability.

When you’ve got a landscaping job that requires a colossal-size segmental retaining wall (SRW), call for Bronco. Weighing in at 4,500 pounds and displaying 14 square feet of face area, Bronco has the heft and coverage to tackle any job you can throw at it. The heavyweight system builds walls up to 10 feet tall without soil reinforcement, making it ideal for projects with excavation constraints. And with a unique four-panel, natural-stone appearance, Bronco is the most attractive random-pattern large-block SRW system available.

When you’ve got a project that requires a heavy-duty retaining wall, call for Bronco II, the new heavyweight segmental wall system from VERSA-LOK. Weighing in from 1,225 to 3,215 pounds and displaying 6 square feet of face area and a 3.2° batter, Bronco II has the heft and coverage to tackle any job. Alignment knobs molded into the top of units and channels molded into the bottom ensure correct near-vertical positioning and allow for tight joints with variable-bond construction.