When you need to retain a lot of ground economically, the VERSA-LOK Nexus® retaining wall system can meet your project’s design specs and budget and create a great-looking retaining wall. The top-stud design readily accommodates a variable bond, so you can create walls that have a more natural appearance.


Nexus unit
Width (face)
18" (457.2mm)
8" (203.2mm)
12" (304.8mm)
Face Area
1 ft2 (0.09m2)
82 lbs (37.19kg)
Weight (with aggregate fill)
115 lbs (52.16kg)
Weight / Face Area
82 lbs/ft2 (413 kg/m2)
1" per unit
7 degrees
Minimum Radius
7 ft
Max Unreinforced Height
3 ft*
Max Geogrid Reinforced Height
Unlimited ft

*The maximum stable, unreinforced VERSA-LOK wall height in best conditions, may be lower depending on soil, site and loading conditions (including terraces). Taller walls need geogrid soil reinforcement, designed by a qualified engineer. Check your local building code requirements. Please contact your supplier or VERSA-LOK representative for assistance.

Additional available literature


Technical Bulletin #1-Shorelines, Waterways, and Retention Pond Protection

Guidelines for using VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems in a water environment. Foundation strength, scour, hydrostatic build up, and fines migration are addressed. 

Technical Bulletin #4-Caps

Tips on capping straight and curved walls. Includes directions for using caps as treads when installing VERSA-LOK steps.

Technical Bulletin #5-Base Installation

The components of a VERSA-LOK retaining wall base are explained, as is proper leveling pad construction.

Technical Bulletin #7-Tiered Walls

Considerations for construction of tiered retaining walls, including spacing requirements, are addressed.

Technical Bulletin #8-Fences, Railings, and Traffic Barriers

Discusses top-of-the-wall barriers including fences, guide rails, concrete traffic barriers, and stair rails.

VERSA-LOK Nexus Information Sheet

This information sheet presents an overview of the VERSA-LOK Nexus retaining wall system.

Contact information
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