A slimmed-down version of the Standard wall unit, Accent units measure 4 inches tall by 12 inches wide. They're lighter than Standard units, but engineered with the same high-strength, low-absorption concrete. Easily installed, Accent units draw minimal attention to the wall, saving the spotlight for pools, gardens, and other features of the surrounding landscape.


Accent Unit
Width (face)
12" (304.8mm)
Width (rear)
8" (203.2mm)
4" (101.6mm)
12" (304.8mm)
Face Area
0.33 ft2 (0.015m2)
36 lbs (16.33kg)
Weight / Face Area
109 lbs/ft2 (1089 kg/m2)
3/4" or 1/4" per unit
10.6 or 3.6 degrees
# Versa-Tuff Snap-off Pins
2 per unit
Minimum Radius
3 ft
Max Unreinforced Height
4 ft*
Max Geogrid Reinforced Height
50+ ft

*The maximum stable, unreinforced VERSA-LOK wall height in best conditions, may be lower depending on soil, site and loading conditions (including terraces). Taller walls need geogrid soil reinforcement, designed by a qualified engineer. Check your local building code requirements. Please contact your supplier or VERSA-LOK representative for assistance.
Accent unit (weathered)

Additional available literature


Technical Bulletin #1-Shorelines, Waterways, and Retention Pond Protection

Guidelines for using VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems in a water environment. Foundation strength, scour, hydrostatic build up, and fines migration are addressed. 

Technical Bulletin #4-Caps

Tips on capping straight and curved walls. Includes directions for using caps as treads when installing VERSA-LOK steps.

Technical Bulletin #5-Base Installation

The components of a VERSA-LOK retaining wall base are explained, as is proper leveling pad construction.

Technical Bulletin #7-Tiered Walls

Considerations for construction of tiered retaining walls, including spacing requirements, are addressed.

Technical Bulletin #8-Fences, Railings, and Traffic Barriers

Discusses top-of-the-wall barriers including fences, guide rails, concrete traffic barriers, and stair rails.

Capabilities Brochure

This brochure provides an introduction to VERSA-LOK's solid, top-pinning retaining wall systems.

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(123) 456-7890