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Create Grandstand Seating That's a Crowd-Pleaser!

Create stunning, cost-effective and comfortable grandstand seating with VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems. School districts and other customers choose VERSA-LOK wall systems for their beauty, durability and cost-savings.

In using VERSA-LOK for its grandstand seating, the Lawrence, Kansas, School District saved $100 per seat as compared to the cost of enclosed aluminum bleachers.  

VERSA-LOK stadium bleachers

Have a Seat. On Us.

Design beautiful, practical and affordable outdoor seating with VERSA-LOK  retaining wall units.

The natural appearance and durability that VERSA-LOK retaining wall units bring to outdoor spaces make them the ideal construction material for everything from amphitheaters to zoos.  Unlike cast-in-place retaining walls, which require deep footings, VERSA-LOK walls require no footings below frost, substantially reducing project costs.

Tall Retaining Wall? VERSA-LOK = Options!

With proper soil reinforcement and engineering, retaining walls can be as tall as you need. Did you know VERSA-LOK walls have been built to 50 feet and taller with a variety of soil reinforcement technologies?

VERSA-LOK Wall Units are a Beautiful Barrier Option

A tactic often overlooked in hardscape design is the use of back-to-back VERSA-LOK walls as barriers at the tops of retaining walls.

Using back-to-back VERSA-LOK walls at the tops of retaining walls preserves a consistent appearance throughout a project, in terms of color, texture, and setback.

Signs for the Times

Create eye-catching supports for kiosk, backlit, or LED signs with VERSA-LOK retaining wall units.

A channel-lettered logo or other component looks great anchored against a weathered or standard texture VERSA-LOK wall. You can also create stunning VERSA-LOK columns as facing around metal supports for commercial signs. 



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Outdoor kitchens built with VERSA-LOK have caught fire among homeowners who are spending more time entertaining in their back yards. 


VERSA-LOK walls can be built in tiers to minimize their visual impact on the landscape.


You're only limited by your imagination when designing with VERSA-LOK. 


If you can design it, you can build it with VERSA-LOK.


VERSA-LOK Mosaic is perfect for historic renovation projects and takes on an added dimension with multicolored units.


There’s no need to be afraid of heights when you’re building with VERSA-LOK.


Water features are an increasingly popular use for VERSA-LOK, especially in combination with natural stone.


VERSA-LOK’s strength and versatility lends itself to bridge and culvert construction without sacrificing beauty.


Stairs and freestanding columns can be integrated into VERSA-LOK walls without the use of special units.


VERSA-LOK segmental retaining walls maintain their integrity even in the most severe northern climates.


Monument walls built with VERSA-LOK make a stunning frame for commercial signage


Random-pattern VERSA-LOK Mosaic is a favorite for upscale commercial developments.